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Matt Papes

Posted by Paul Crawley on

Matt Papes Pro Series Golf Net in Garage

Matt Papes with Pro Series Golf Net in Garage

With any item you order by mail, sight unseen, there is always skepticism. Even more so when you have the record of failure that I have had trying to buy a golf net so I could practice at home. I am glad to say though that I have finally hit the jackpot!

I bought what is called The Net Return, which one of my co-workers that once had a setup in his home referred me to. There are multiple videos on the site that explain how it works, including assembly and disassembly. I am the world's laziest, clumsiest, and inept handymen, which disappoints my wife to no end, but I won't bore you with that tale of woe here. I mention it because even I, as challenged as I am in building things, was able to put the net together in no time flat, just as advertised on the site.

I didn't buy the accessories because I had my own mat. But I think I will be visiting home depot to put some carpeting or something on the floor so when the ball comes back to me it is not hitting pavement. But even though it is doing so it works just fine!

One thing I did learn quickly is that if you own a nice car like I do, you better get it the heck out of the garage while you are practicing! I shanked one right into the right tire about 4 swings in! Luckily no damage was done!

I am convinced that to really bring the handicap down, the first step is more practice and as a practical matter this needs to be done at home and done in rain or shine. With The Net Return I am now set up for success in 2010. We'll be getting to the New Year's Resolutions and Action Plans in upcoming posts, so please stay tuned. In the meantime, I am sure sometime this New Year's eve I will have consumed champagne and still feel compelled to practice. I just hope I remember to move my car before doing so!

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