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Jerry Honstein - Coronado, Ca.

Posted by Paul Crawley on



Just another positive thought regarding anyone considering the investing in "The Net Return!" Every golfer, or would be golfer, should ask themselves how much they have invested in the latest development in golf club technology with the desire of obtaining longer drives and more accurate iron shots with highly hyped golf clubs touted to reduce their scores. All of this hope, while the average golf scores remain the same as those obtained in the 1960's!" Even with more 'user-friendly' golf courses, scores and subsequent Handicaps remain the same! 

Such reality of thought leaves one with the realization that improvement only comes with practice. And the easiest, least costly method of practice in terms of time and money, involves the use of repeated development of muscle memory! Even 'bad practice' develops some degree of consistency and prediction of shot vs. a lack of same. The answer is one having their own, home positioned opportunity to hit balls every day, and The Net Return, which I use every day, provides the most informative, long-lasting, and cost efficient practice net in existence. How reassuring is it to hit thousands of balls without the fear of a ball piercing the net and damaging what or whoever is on the other side? At least the difference in the cost of those less expensive prices of your competitive products - of which I have worn out several in a very short period of time, is "value well obtained!"

"Kudos" to you and your team for the development of the highest level of value available in golf net technology,

Jerry P. v, Honstein, Founder & President
DENTAL VENTURES OF AMERICA, INC., and a Very Satisfied Customer

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