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Terry Yakle - Quincy, Illinois

Posted by Paul Crawley on

Terry Yakle - Garage Golf Net Pro Series

Hi Paul,

I am overly pleased with my net return purchase.  Forty years ago I was a fairly decent bogey golfer without ever taking a lesson.  A couple of friends tricked me into playing golf and I became instantly hooked on the game.  I think it helped that I was very athletic in my prime and still very much so even now at the age of 69..  Eventually it took too much of my time considering work and raising four daughters.  The wife, rightfully so, thought i spent too much time on the golf course so i reluctantly gave up the game for the next 35 or so years.  The thirty sixth year I tried playing again and the enjoyment once experienced became total frustration.  I was lucky to even hit a ball let alone make it go where I had intended.  The net return was going to be my last try at the game I once enjoyed and I am so happy I shelled out the coin.
The net return has dramatically altered that frustration I was having with making ball contact.  I've only had it a few weeks and the improvement in my contact and swing is truly a remarkable transformation.  I've been hard at work smashing a couple hundred balls a day and my excitement for golf has returned, no pun intended.  I'm feeling positive that I'll improve on my bogey golf memories.  I was hesitant in the purchase, but so fortunate that I jumped that hurdle.  I'm certain that investing twice the money in lessons wouldn't have been as beneficial.  It's not how far you hit the ball, but how well. =)
I can't thank you enough for making this product available.

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